Citizenship Ceremonies

In the wake of COVID-19, the following aims to provide some updates in relation to various Immigration matters in Australia. Please, ensure to contact our office for the latest Immigration updates to stay current.

Citizenship ceremonies

The Department of Home Affairs (Immigration and Citizenship) is delivering online citizenship ceremonies via secure video-link for those applicants who have already been approved to become Australian citizens.


It is important to note that, in general, those who have had their citizenship approved have 12 months from their notice of approval to attend a ceremony and make the pledge of commitment. That said, due to COVID-19, citizenship approval will not be cancelled if an approved individual cannot attend a ceremony within this 12 months period.


New applications for citizenship

New applications for Australian citizenship are being accepted by the Department and the processing continues on all applications for Australian citizenship that have already been lodged with the Department.


The Department advises that those eligible individuals who have applied for citizenship will be contacted to attend a citizenship appointment or test. The in-person citizenship appointments and tests in regional locations are currently on hold and resumption of these services will be announced as information becomes available. 


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